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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Steiner Street -- Celebrity Sightings

Tee hee. Watch me giggle.

Just down Steiner, at Duboce Park, Hollywood is shooting a scene for a movie starring Will Smith. Filming is all day today, and like the typical local that I am, I decided to ignore all of the big signs informing the public that the street is closed, and walked straight down Steiner, like I always do.

Drum roll, please.

There's Mr. Smith, first running through the park and then sitting in a nice shady area between takes. No, I didn't get to talk to him (or make out with him, not that Jada would have let me!) but I did get within 20 feet or so. Okay, maybe 40 feet. I'm sure he was about to come over and ask if I wanted a part in the movie, but then some nasty man with a very loud voice informed me that I needed to get out.

Still, a good morning in the Lower Haight of San Francisco!


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