5 Streets - San Francisco

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Page Street - Snapshots

Nighttime. Garbage cans on plastic wheels nestle curbside. Televisions shine bright through curtain-less windows. I wrap my sweater-coat around me, wishing the wind away.

A man with dreadlocks spilling down his back calls up to an open bay window: My son threw a party Sunday night. Did it disturb you? A faceless voice responds from inside: No. No disturbance.

A homeless man pushing a shopping cart stacked high with oversized, stuffed garbage bags, pauses to walk his dog. A lake-sized puddle quickly spreads around the dog, a tiny black ball of fuzz. My, I say, that’s a lot of pee-pee for such a little dog. The man smiles at me, picks up the dog, and cushions her on top of the cart. He whispers to her, softly, lovingly.

A drunken couple stumbles along the sidewalk, giggling like teenagers in love. They both wear heavy, wool coats and boots, though it is early September and still supposedly summer, though one would never know it, living in San Francisco


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